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Shelter Statistics

The Cleveland County Animal Services and Adoption Center houses abandoned, stray, lost, and other homeless animals located within the county. We provide a temporary sanctuary for these animals by providing them with clean and safe housing as well as food, water, and necessary medical care. Unfortunately, not all animals that come to the shelter can be safely placed into a new home. 

We work with numerous pet rescues inside and outside the State. This allows us to assist animals with medical and behavioral conditions beyond what can be provided at the shelter. We also partner with local PetSmart stores to expand our cat adoption program to satellite locations. 

In addition to adoption services, we operate a sterilization program for community cats with the assistance of county residents. This allows us to work towards a solution for the cat overpopulation issue every community is faced with. 

Below you will find statistics including intake and outcome data from our shelter. While we are making great progress there is still much to do. With the cooperation and assistance from our county residents, we will surely succeed.

The information shown below is grouped by SFY or State Fiscal Year. The SFY calendar runs from July 1st to June 30th. 

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